How to train German Shepherd Puppy

How to train German Shepherd puppies: Most German shepherd puppies exude playfulness, friendliness, and boatloads of silliness. However, this sweet behavior may become somewhat less desirable if the puppy is not properly trained. 

German shepherds are by nature dominant dogs, and if they are not trained to respect and obey their orders, they will try to run the show. Fortunately, you can turn your fun-loving German Shepherd into a respectable adult dog.

Step 1

Eat before your German Shepherd puppy does it and only allow it after having obtained your permission to establish dominance over the dog. German shepherds are alpha dogs by nature and will try to become the leader of you and your household if you do not show them that you are in control. 

If a shepherd thinks he controls the pack, he could become aggressive, disobedient, and do whatever he wants. Simple exercises such as walking in front of the dog over the stairs and through doors and completing all of your play sessions with you in the possession of the toy will show the shepherd that you are the leader of the pack and it must answer you..

Step 2

Train with your German Shepherd puppy. Like most puppies, shepherds have large amounts of energy. If this energy is not given an outlet, it can lead to frustration, leading to destruction and disobedience. Calm the mind and body of your shepherd by taking him for daily jogging, running, or walking. 

Excursions into the dog park and enrollment in obedience courses are also good ways to burn some of the energy of your shepherd. Exercising your shepherd also prevents him from becoming overweight, which is the usual orthopedic problem of your shepherds, such as Hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Step 3

Bring your German Shepherd Dog to places where he can interact with humans and other animals. Although most shepherds are confident, they can take care of those they do not know. If not corrected, this caution can turn into aggression. If you expose your shepherd to these new experiences when he is young, you can prevent this frightening behavior. Teach your shepherd in puppy lessons and encourage him to meet and greet other people.

Step 4

Say consistent commands and use the same techniques as you train your shepherd. German shepherd puppies learn best when their owners are consistent in their teaching methods. For example, if you use several potty commands, such as “go,” “potty,” or “empty,” your shepherd will get confused and not understand what you want him to do. Instead, say the same command each time you want to make the puppy a potty. 

Use the same approach when teaching your Shepherd commands such as sitting, lying, and lying down.